Even as a tyke I was running around taking photos of my life, always asking my parents for yet another disposable camera to play with. Twenty-some years on, I consider my camera an extension of my body.

My approach to working with couples emphasizes authenticity and keeping it real (you can be yourselves around me!), exploring new places in nature, and creating stunning works of art to hang in your home in the process. 

I’m an impulsive road-tripper, a fan of standing on precarious surfaces, a lover of the strange and spooky, an enneagram 4w3, a Swiftie, multilingual (fluent in German, sarcasm and dark humor), and a long-time visual storyteller. 

I'm drawn to the grandest sweeping vistas our planet has to offer, moody and misty weather, clean lines and modern architecture, as well as historic and abandoned places. But most of all, I'm inspired by the stories of all the incredible folks like you who invite me into your lives to capture your most cherished moments. 

Thank you so much for taking a look around my site. You can drop me a line here, and be sure to follow the adventures on Instagram. I hope to take some badass shots of you and your boo real soon. :)


Hey there, the name's Luke.