Intimate wedding & Adventure elopement photographer

Because you don't need to have a big, traditional wedding if that's not your speed

so you decided an elopement or intimate wedding is right for you. High five!!!

following your heart and living life to the fullest? Hell yes.

• You're not about that stressful AF wedding planning life

• Familial and societal expectations? Never heard of 'em.

• Throwing a giant party for everyone but you? Not today, Satan.

The word "elopement" used to be synonymous with a courthouse quickie, but that is no longer the case. Every year (and especially since the year of our Lord 2020), more and more couples worldwide are choosing to take the path less traveled and say their vows alone or with a few treasured family members and friends in the beauty of the great outdoors. 

As an adventure elopement and intimate wedding photographer and guide, I cherish the opportunity to have a hand in creating these moments for people, especially since this is how I want to get married. From helping you find the perfect location to dealing with logistics, I'll be here every step of the way to make this your best and most meaningful day ever.

adventure elopement:
up to 6 people

intimate wedding:
up to 40 people

Traditional wedding:
more than 40 people

Not sure what the difference between an elopement, an intimate wedding and a traditional wedding is?

A few Reasons to elope or have an intimate wedding:

You want the day you get married to *really* be about you and your partner.

You know a traditional wedding would feel inauthentic.

Certain family members could make your wedding... interesting, to say the least.

Having 100+ eyes on you for a whole day kiiiiiiinda sounds like torture.

You want your wedding photos to be as epic and amazing as possible.

You'd rather spend your cash on an unforgettable experience than on physical things.

You love to travel and experience new places and you're connected to nature.

You want to live in the moment on your wedding day and fully experience it.

You want to reduce waste and help keep our planet beautiful in the future.

You want to start your marriage off with an adventure.

All the deets

I gotchu! when you elope with me, I'll:

not a big fan of planning & Logistics?

when you elope with me, You get all this and more:

A Gigantic ultimate elopement planning guidebook 

Detailed location guides with example itineraries and pros/cons to each

This beast covers all the most important things I've learned over the years about planning your adventure elopement. From deciding who to invite and breaking the news, to the most important things to pack, what to look for in your attire, example timelines, potential activities and more, this is an invaluable resource.

Whether you're looking at the desert or the mountains, an entire region or trying to find the perfect spot within a National Park, I'm here to help you find the best fit for your needs. Driving and hiking times as well as hiking difficulty are included, along with details such as typical weather patterns, road closures, and more.

I'm no stranger to travel – I've visited more countries and airports than I can remember. I've learned to make room for the unexpected and plan ahead, whether it comes in the form of a delayed flight, jet lag, lost baggage, or whatever other crazy sh!z life decides to throw at me.

I'm as happy coming up with an entire unforgettable timeline for your day centered around the best possible photography locations and times as I am just tagging along on a perfect day you've planned. No matter what, I want to be there to be of assistance, to document one of the best days in your lives, and to capture what it feels like to truly be ALIVE.

So... are you in???

let's do this!!!