bottling up that madly-in-love feeling

steamy session & couples boudoir photographer

Imagine having incredible images of those oh-so-real moments where you're both just vibing, loving on each other and being yourselves, but make it *art.* That's what I strive to achieve as your couples boudoir photographer. This is a journey into the depths of your relationship and seeing each other in a whole new, extra sexy light.

Couples boudoir is all about celebrating the two of you, just as you are, but with a bit of extra spice. It's a chance to pause and really *see* each other – the playful glances, the fits of laughter, the booty grabs, and those quiet, tender, passionate moments. It's not just about being steamy (though that is a big plus) – it's about bottling up that feeling of being madly in love or even rediscovering it.

your connection is a masterpiece

your personal creative director

Your comfort is my #1 Priority

Good things happen when you leave your comfort zone

I get it, stripping down in front of a camera doesn't exactly scream "relaxing evening." But here's the deal – I'm all about making you feel totally comfortable and actually having a good time. It's like hanging out, but you end up with some gorgeous snaps of the two of you. As your photographer, I'm here to make sure you feel safe, respected, and, most importantly, like yourselves. No awkward poses or forcing smiles here – just genuine laughs and love.

Cookie cutter? Not my style. Your relationship is one of a kind, so your couples boudoir session should be too! Whether you're all about playful banter, quiet cuddles, or something entirely your own, I'll make sure your session is as unique as your love story. Tell me about your vision and vibe and I'll make it happen, ensuring your photos are anything but ordinary.

You're not just taking photos – we're capturing those "just us" moments that'll deeply move you when you look back on them. It's all about the silly faces, the way you hold each other, the unspoken words when you look into each other's eyes, and everything in between. I'm here to freeze those moments in time, giving you a snapshot of your love that's real and raw that you'll treasure way beyond your session.

If you two are down for a fun, laid-back experience that ends with you getting some incredibly cool photos and memories to look back on, let's chat! 

This isn't your standard couples boudoir photography. Let's get artsy together! When you book a session with me, you're not just getting a photographer – you're getting a full-on creative partner. I'll plan your session out like it's a movie, so think of me as your creative director and storytelling photo wizard. From the get-go, I dive deep into what makes you tick as a couple to cook up something that's so you, it's like I've known you two forever.

And locations? Don't sweat it. Whether you're dreaming of cozying up in a chic Airbnb, getting sandy toes on a beach, or wandering through a misty forest, I've got you covered. I scout out the perfect spots that'll make your shoot pop and craft a timeline to tie everything in together. So lean back, relax, and let me guide you through an experience tailor-made just for you, where your love story is the star of the show.

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Your couples boudoir session includes:

capturing that madly in love feeling

Custom photo privacy rights

planning and creative direction

location suggestions

a private, password-protected gallery

No travel fees

You can look forward to an intimate & meaningful experience where you'll feel safe, supported, and empowered. 

I respect your privacy & will only share revealing images with your permission. 

I'll help plan your entire session & craft a timeline as part of my creative process, using what I've learned from you to tailor your experience specially to you and your relationship.

Whether we're shooting in nature or in a chic airbnb or hotel, I'll create a list of recommended locations for you to make your photos pop. We can also hit up more than one!

Includes high-res files, downloads & printing rights.

My travel costs are built into the price of your package.

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