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Maybe you're here because you want to combine your elopement and your honeymoon, or perhaps you'd rather spend your wedding budget on an unforgettable trip than a single frenzied day in a crowded ballroom.

Either way, welcome! You're in the right place. Cheers to you for seeking more from this important moment in your lives and for giving unwanted external pressures the middle finger.

Fun fact: you deserve to have a wedding experience that's true to you and makes you both feel ALIVE – not stressed out, overwhelmed, or regretting you settled for the norm instead of something extraordinary.

Want to chase waterfalls, live out your Mamma Mia fantasy in Greece, say your vows on a moody beach in the PNW or go stargazing in the desert? Say no more. Get your sexy on? Here for it. Do something rad you've never seen another wedding couple do before? All the more reason to. 

Whether a small group of loved ones tags along on your adventure or it's just the two of you, I'll get to know you on a deeper level and co-create a wedding experience you'll freaking love and that you'll want to relive over and over again.

When you elope, you make the rules. 

For the rule breakers &  experience chasers

Treat yourselves to a swanky Airbnb to serve as your home base or book a stay at a resort somewhere gorgeous – tie the knot one day and get a couple's massage the next! If you're more outdoorsy, you can go glamping or rent an airstream and camp out. The sky's the limit for what your experience can look like!

let's give your core memories an upgrade


Meet Your elopement Photographer

I’m an elopement and intimate wedding photographer. I help you create your specially tailored quirky, spontaneous, whimsical elopement experience for folks who want to step out of their day-to-day life and into their own magical fucking adventure. for life-loving couples like you in beautiful destinations worldwide. I've been doing this since 2018 – learn more about me here.

You deserve to live fully the day you get married

Hey there, friend. The name’s Luke. Growing up LGBTQ+ and closeted attending a fundamentalist school, I know what it’s like to suppress who you are, your needs, and your desires. The problem is, something really critical is lost when you give in to external pressures. You can't live fully when you’re inauthentic to who you are.

Your images will be intimate, joyful, & striking

always down to do something different

Maybe you want your photos to make a lasting impression. Whether you're booking your elopement or a  session, you are fully encouraged to express yourselves. Be authentic – why fit in when you are meant to stand out?

always down to do something different

You're in the right place if you're down to get a little artsy, spicy, or unconventional! Many couples enjoy adding some *spice* to their elopement coverage or collabing on a concept. Let's not just take photos, but create some fucking cool art. 

You're in the right place if you're down to get a little artsy, spicy, or unconventional!

The multi-day elopement Experience

Maybe you two want an experience so incredible, it can't possibly all fit in one day. That's where multi-day elopements come in.

Here are a few ideas to get your minds going:

  • You could spend one day with loved ones, then another day exploring just the two of you

  • Go on a road trip! Visit one location the first day, then drive to a whole 'nother destination the next

  • Get married one day, then do a session the day before, after, or both!

Really, the possibilities are endless! Your wedding is the experience of a lifetime, and it deserves to be documented beautifully. If you have many ideas for your elopement, photos, and outfits and you want variety, a multi-day elopement is 100% the way to go.

I believe in this so much, I offer multi-day elopement packages that let you split your coverage hours as you like between two or more days. Get in touch for more information and level up your elopement experience.

Step one

Step two

Step three

We kick things off with a discovery call to nail down your dream elopement. I help you pick the perfect spot and you lock in your date(s).

We design your ideal wedding experience together! You'll receive stunning location suggestions and a custom timeline ensuring an epic experience and photos.

On the big day, you get to focus on each other in a breathtaking setting, knowing you’ll have priceless memories captured forever.

"It instantly felt like we'd known each other for years. I want to relive the day and I'd hire him again in a heartbeat."

My husband and I hired Luke for our intimate wedding in Joshua Tree National Park from sunrise to sunset and it instantly felt like we’d known each other for years. He made us comfortable and it felt like we had an old friend shooting our wedding. The photos are stunning and perfectly captured our personalities and our wedding day. He also had knowledge of the park and area so that we could trust him to location scout and not have to worry about it. In addition he is so creative and captured some amazing pool and lantern photos, coming up with ideas on the spot in different locations that ended up turning out great. I want to relive the day and I’d hire him again in a heartbeat.

– E + T

"Our house is going to become a shrine of all our adventures because we can't pick our favorites!"

Everything went so perfectly. Luke made it so easy and effortless and fun. You can just tell he loves his job and that makes it so easy to work with him. He hyped us up which helped make some amazing artwork and because of that we have so many STUNNING memories captured. Our house is going to become a shrine of all our adventures because we can’t pick our favorites 😂 We are so blessed to have worked with THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER and hope that our paths will cross again in the future 🖤

– S + T

The thing I loved most and that everyone can just see is that he really was able to capture the love between my husband and I, in such a lovely way, I just really feel like it captured OUR love and that it wasn't staged, forced or posed. It was just us, dorkiness and all, and he captured that pure happiness and uniqueness. His eye is amazing and he just really made the day magical and fun.

– A + B

"It was just us, dorkiness and all, and he captured that pure happiness and uniqueness."