sunrise engagement session in sedona, arizona.

You never know where you might find your soulmate – while movies lead us to believe it’ll be at a party or while bumping into someone in the hallway in high school, Sierra and Michael found each other at the bank, of all places. Michael worked as a teller and Sierra was a customer, and their lives would never be the same.

Couple on mountain looking at hot air balloon

I don’t know if I believe everything people say about the mystic energies centered in Sedona. All I know is we were talking about hot air balloons and they suddenly appeared over the mountain.

I met these two online and when I told them when I would be in Arizona, they asked to schedule a session for their third anniversary. Who was I to refuse? We met up at the base of Doe Mountain in Sedona at sunrise and hiked to the top for their session.

Hey there, fellow weirdos

How's it going? The name's Luke. I help non-traditional, spooky sexy free spirits like you craft your specially tailored, unforgettable elopement extravaganza – one where your love takes center stage and celebrates everything that makes you the incredible humans you are!

From the planning process through to your elopement, you're fully encouraged to be your most radiant and unconventional selves. (Because guess what? I also grew up as a weirdo and I get it, the world isn't always that kind to us. It's all about radical self-love around here!) If this sounds like your jam, I'd be thrilled to help you create an exhilirating elopement experience built around your unique magic. ✨

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